Wednesday, April 21, 2010



I well see you later.

Love, Margie


Leslie M said...

Please convey to Margie how much enjoyment her photos bring to an ex-Marinite. Judy Loscutoff shares them with me and I can't tell you how many great memories I have of the marshes and creeks around Corte Madera. Thanks, Margie, for all the beauty you have captured.

Sarah said...

Pleased tell Margie I love her photos and have used many of them as my desk top pictures. Sending my thoughts and prayers to you.

Anonymous said...

To Leslie and Sarah and any others who have missed Margie's photos:

I am very sad to tell you that my dear sister passed away November 15, 2010 after suffering from glioblastoma brain cancer for about 8 months.

Sarah Webster, one of Margie's sisters