Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Grass and water.

Other news:  if your update information for me comes only from my daily photo, after tomorrow there not be one for quite awhile.  So send a message and we put you on our regular update if you like.

Hi all:
One important thing on Margie's mind she wants you all to know is that there is no physical pain to contend with.  The surgeon, Dr.Parsa, assures us he will remove as much of the tumor as possible without damage to the brain.  Within 2 or 3 weeks, radiation and oral chemotherapy will begin, followed by more oral chemo in a cycle yet to be determined.
She will remain in the UCSF hospital for 3 to 5 days, and radiation and chemo treatments will be continued at Marin General Hospital.
Her pre-op work continued at UCSF today, including anesthesia consultation and lab work, EKG, Brain CT scans, with and without contrast, much review of her medical history, and lots I cannot remember or understand (a strenuous day !)
Of course Dr. Parsa had to warn us of possible undesirable results to speech and memory after surgery, but these should be temporary and respond to rehabilitation.  She has received overwhelming.offerings of prayer and love.  This, and the high reputation of UCSF and its neuro-surgery staff have given us a strong feeling of optimism.
   Yes, we want this healing and recovery process to start, and to continue to a successful return to the lovable Margie we all want to share.
   Since Thursday (surgery day) will be a long and stressful day, I will wait until Friday, when we know more details to share, to write you a status report.  Until then, your prayers, especially on Thursday, are what her family and numerous friends beg of you.  Dick


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information. It's thursday morning and i am thinking about you and said a prayer.
bonnye in w sac

Janet said...

Thinking of you all. Sending our prayers and positive thoughts your way.
Janet, Mark & Joel