Thursday, April 15, 2010


This is a little of a departure today. I want to show my wonderful family at our visit at UCSF today. Marc, Celeste, Dick, me and Elyse.

Hi all. We have just returned from our Consultation meeting at UCSF's Neurological Surgery Department, a very impressive organization  Her surgeon will be Dr.Parsa and her surgery date will be either April 21 or April 28.  We will know the date in 24 hours.
     Margie thinks that everything went wonderfully well in this meeting, so do I, and we are very optimistic about all that we learned in this meeting.  Our three children, Celeste, Elyse and Marc were with us and participated very enthusiastically. .  We will share more information with you tomorrow.
     Thanks for your prayers and good wishes.  Dick and Margie too 

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